Chartwells supplies cafeteria with new menu

By Michael Darken

With a greater variety of options, the school’s cafeteria can fulfill the satisfaction of students seeking wraps and whole wheat, but no longer can quench the desire for fried chicken sandwiches.

Chartwell’s, the new food supplier, has changed the cafeteria menu for many reasons, with the two main reasons being the cost and the nutritional value of the meals. Chartwells will save the school district $235,000 per year compared to Sodexo, the district’s old food supplier according to a report from the Assistant Superintendant for Support Services, Todd LoFrese.

After noticing a lack of nutritious foods in the school systems, the school board made it a priority to find a provider that offers many healthy choices. Chartwells focuses on better food choices for children.

Junior Walker Knight buys a lunch at the school cafeteria once or twice per week.

“[All the food options are] pretty much the same,” Knight said “Except they took away those chicken sandwiches.” Overall, Knight said he has no problems with the change. Like many students, he has “no complaints”.

Another difference is the “make your own meal” stand is gone. Previously, there had been a line in which you could buy individual items to make a meal. Such items included chicken nuggets, French fries, and hot wings. Now, students must buy a whole lunch with an entrée and side items.

A new change is that there is now more whole wheat bread and healthier food offered. Also, there is also a new subway booth, which will please a number of students.

“These wraps are very tasty,” junior Houston Lewis said as he enjoyed his cafeteria meal. Two more students, juniors Alex Melton and Alex Akushevich who get a school lunch everyday, agreed that there is now a greater variety of menu items. They are happy with the change.

The school lunches still cost three dollars, but now students get more for their money.

“[School lunches] still cost the same but the variety makes it a better deal,” said Lewis.

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