Interview by Julia Cohn

Sophomore Luke Vrowenvelder is a superstar mountain biker who has competed in many local and regional races. He also competed in the 2010 USA Cycling National Competition this past July.

ECHO: Why did you start mountain biking?

LV:When I was around ten, I got a bike like every other kid. I rode a lot and I took a liking to riding my bike. Eventually, I started to get more competitive, racing my friends down the block. It started out with little things like that. Then I started going to trails and riding until I got tired. I kept it up and pretty soon I got a nicer bike and I kept practicing.
ECHO:Why did you decide to race in national competitions?
LV: Not to toot my own horn, but when I decided to compete nationally, I had a winning streak. The entire time I have been competing, I have either won the race or completely lost due to an injury or mechanical problem with a bike. So I thought I could do pretty well at nationals. Plus, the national competition was in Colorado.
ECHO:What is so special about having the race in Colorado?
LV: Who doesn’t want to go to Colorado? Colorado is perfect for mountain biking. It has enough hills to make a challenging race. It’s also rocky which means that the race trails can be designed to demand high technical skill. The race in Colorado was amazing. We completed three laps of eight miles and there were 6,000 ft of elevation gain per lap, which is a lot.
ECHO: How do you train?
LV: If I’m preparing for an endurance race, then I just spend a lot of time on long rides. If I’m preparing for a shorter race, then I do a lot of interval and sprint training. I also do BMX on the side which maintains my overall fitness and skills on the bike.

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