The Story Behind Mix-it-up Day

By Blake Robinett

Mix-it-up day, an event observed across the nation, has in past years been similar to every other day at East, but this year the administration and the teachers who planned the event worked to make sure that the day was anything but ordinary.

At the start of first period, a video that was put together by several student groups along with direction from a number of advising teachers was played to all the classes in the school. The video contained a number of depictions of discrimination.


Jessica Harris, one of the advisors for the NAS/FAME club at East, was in charge of planning mix-it-up day and helped write the scenes for the video.

“I wanted [mix-it-up day] to be something that was thought-provoking and was going to engage courageous conversation and get people actually thinking,” Harris said. “The video was our attempt at that”.

East’s administration promoted the video, as well as allowing the use of class time to watch it. Eileen Tully, East’s principal, also watched the video in the café commons with a group of students.

“It was really clear to me that kids were watching it, and not laughing or making fun of the scenarios or anything, but honestly watching it and thinking about what was going on.” Tully said.

Lunch provided its share of mix-it-up day festivities as well. East Latino Ballet SIH, East’s cheerleaders, and Spanish Singers all performed in the café commons and another group of students performed a breakfast club reenactment in the library.

“I think [mix-it-up day] was successful in that students got involved and participated,” Harris said.

Tully also spoke about what mix-it-up day will be like in future years.

“One of the greatest things about mix-it-up day is that it comes from groups of kids with adult supervision and leadership. I never want to take that away because it’s far more powerful if it comes from kids,” Tully said. “I always plan to support it and make it as big as we can make it”.

“I think that the sky could be the limit for mix-it-up day in the future,” Tully said. “I think that every year, an event like this has the potential to grow”.

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