East Chapel Hill’s lip dub video attempts to win school $10,000

By Javier Sandoval
 While watching American Idol alongside her father, Victoria Brancazio saw East Chapel Hill’s opportunity to win $10,000 flash before her eyes – Fox 50s’ Lip Dub Video Competition. Immediately determined to get East involved, Brancazio came up with ideas for the video; however, she had no clue how frustrating yet rewarding the process would be.
Brancazio’s first step was to find a group of East students willing to help. East Film Club, appeared as the perfect solution.
“They were completely for helping out – especially after I showed them the old crappy video our school submitted to the contest last year,” Brancazio said.
So with support, manpower, and cameras, Brancazio moved forward with production. Deemed director of the project by Grant Holub-Moorman, president of East Film Club, Brancazio organized meetings with Film Club and East Film Makers (there is a difference, people) to write out a script, choose a song, and find filming time. Here, the challenges began. Everyone had homework to do (a waste of time in fourth quarter anyways), grannies to kiss over spring break, and Lip Dub meetings not to be at. Finding time to meet outside of school was difficult, but after finally meeting a couple times, everyone showed more determination from the new hope – soon to be challenged again.
To really finalize the script, Brancazio, Film Club, and everyone helping needed a song to lip sing. Grant Holub-Moorman’s brother, Will, stepped in to provide the music: “Come On, Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners. This also inspired a huge role in the film, have our principal, Eileen Tully, lip sing along with the actors. It would have been a great idea…
With the last Monday of spring break approaching – the designated filming date – everyone prepared: they gathered fun props, learned the song, and practiced dance moves alone in front of bathroom mirrors. Members from East sports teams and art clubs had to contacted to participate, and everything had been going perfectly.
It’s Monday, and half the amount of people signed up to help aren’t at the school. But that had been numbed by another pain: no Tully. She didn’t show. Come on, Eileen! Fortunately, the dark clouds parted when Ms. Judy Jones, superhero Biology teacher, agreed to help right on the spot on her way into the school.
Quickly, Brancazio and others rearranged the script, made revisions, and came up with new ideas.
“We were suppose to start filming in upper C quad and finish at the football field, but with such a little number of people, that wasn’t going to happen,” Brancazio shared.
She made due with what she had and decided to film at the Wildcat. In the film, fellow students dance, play, and guide Eileen (played by Ms. Jones) around our school.
“We tried to show how diverse and exciting our school is,” Brancazio said. “And because the best lip dub films have camera movement, we incorporated that.”
Filming and rehearsing were riddled with challenges, too; but this time, the problems were either funny or enjoyable. For example, the actors in the video had to hide from the camera as they prepared for another scene. One actor was caught undressing – can’t use that footage. Also, another actor didn’t have enough time to run from one scene to the other because he couldn’t pull up his dress pants mid sprint. After rehearsing four times, taking three takes, and spending four hours at school on the last day of spring break, everyone called it a wrap.
With the video produced and edited, Brancazio and everyone submitted to Fox 50. Because winners are determined by public vote, be sure to watch the video (link below) and vote.
However frustrating and challenging the process was, everyone had a great time filming and creating this production.
If they win, money will go to all the groups that helped with the video: East Film Club, East Film Makers, Art@East, women’s lacrosse, Science Olympiad, and the rest to the school.
“The point of this was to help our school,” Brancazio said. “I hope people vote so we get that opportunity.”
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