KONY 2012

By Victoria Brancazio

The new popularity over the Kony 2012 video, produced by Invisible Children, Inc., has inspired many to unite together to try to save African children from Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army. However, many feel as through this video has not only mis-represented the government in Uganda, but the people themselves.

doing,” said sophomore Meredith Biechele. “I believe in how they’re fighting for people who need it.”What Invisible Children hopes to accomplish through this video is to keep a team of US troops in Africa to search for Kony, an action which they believe can only be accomplished through the activism of regular US citizens. The video urges viewers to write in to Congress and express their concern over the LRA, to spread the video and the idea to others, and to “Cover the Night” with Kony 2012 posters on April 20.“It’s more directed towards Congress,” said Biechele. “It’s not a fund raiser – money won’t do anything.”Biechele is one of the many eager future participants of “Cover the Night.”“I want to hang up posters and I want people write to their congressmen and call them,” said Biechele. “This is a big threat. This is a big deal. People are in danger.”Criticism Of the VideoAs many supporters as the Kony 2012 video has gained, there is also an equal amount of people who are outraged by the video. The video was produced and distributed online, a fact which raises immense amounts of skepticism from those who realize that not everything you see or hear on the internet is true. One student began to do their own research on Kony and Invisible Children after the video, and was not happy with the results they found."I never heard of this organization before, so I was a little skeptical at first," said the student. “[Invisible Children] also supports groups like Kony’s.”Credit: Forbes.com”]Recently, it was discovered that 69 percent of the funds raised by Invisible Children is for salaries and the funding for the production of their videos. 31 percent of the funds raised by Invisible Children go towards Uganda’s military. However, the Ugandan military has also been known to use child soldiers, and rape and loot small villages

Other’s feel that the organization has lot its credibility after the arrest of Kony movie producer, Jason Russell, for public masterbation. While the organization has publicly announced that this misdemeanor was due to stress, it has raised more questions about Invisible Children.

“I think had he not been arrested, it probably would have gone a lot further,” said the anonymous student.

Some feel as through it is already too late to stop Kony, as most of the crimes he is sentenced for happened close to ten years ago. Kony is no longer raiding towns to abduct children for his army, and there are several rumors about his whereabouts. Some say he may even be dead. Many people are frustrated that we have entered Uganda, believing that this is only for the country’s new-found oil. Some do not want the US government interfering with anymore countries after we just left Iraq.

“I don’t think [people] really understood enough to make an informed decision,” said the student. “When people are looking to help, you need to find out the motives first, because if you find out that you were scammed, there’s really nothing you can do.”

Photo Courtesy of Forbes.com

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