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Wealth In Water Scores Record Deal

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By Victoria Brancazio

After only nine months of practicing together, East sophomore Jonathan Schwartz’s band, Wealth In Water, has officially signed to Indianola Records. Since September, all six members of Wealth In Water have created a complex mixture of genres that generates their unique sound.

“Our sound as a band is an amalgamation of everything from indie to progressive rock, to post-hardcore,” Schwartz, Wealth in Water’s drummer, said.
Wealth In Water credits its sound to the various musical backgrounds and preferences of each of its members.
“On a normal day I might find [vocalist] Pierce [Arnold] listening to Fleet Foxes, while [guitarist] Alex [Lopez] is getting down to some Oceano,” bassist Josh Miller said in the band’s released biography. “It’s all in that musical diversity that really defines who we are as a band and how our music comes together.”
In addition, the band members believe that their diverse range of childhood experiences add subtle qualities to their sound.

Jonathan Schwarts drumming during a Wealth in Water concert

“I was born in L.A. and grew up on punk, playing in bands from the age of 13,” guitarist Andrew Kinnecom said in the biography. “We all come from extremely diverse backgrounds, and that really can be seen in our overall presence as a band.”

The band has diligently worked towards its label, beginning by playing smaller garage concerts in the small town of Brogden, North Carolina, and eventually gaining the chance to perform in sold out concerts as openers for other bands. Vocalist Robby Ziccardi managed to get in contact with respected music producer Drew Fulk, and last December, Wealth In Water released its first EP. The EP consists of three songs, “Insomnia,” “For What I Am,” and “Carrier.” The band used their EP as an opportunity to spread its music through common social media outlets such as Facebook and YouTube.

“Eventually, by a stroke of luck, our songs caught the attention of Indianola Records, who stumbled across our YouTube profile,” Schwartz said. “We sent emails back and forth, and after a few months, they decided that we were the next band that they wanted to sign.”
Wealth In Water plans to begin recording its first full length record as soon as possible, but first the band will travel with band This Day Will Tell on a two-week tour in July. This fortnight stint will mark Wealth In Water’s first official tour.
“[I’m] not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked for this!” Schwartz said. “I’ve never been more excited for anything. It’s going to be a great experience.”

Photos courtesy of Wealth In Water

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