East football plays record breaking season


By Victoria Brancazio

This year, East’s football team continued to focus on each individual game rather than worry about playoffs. The team, disadvantaged by its size, compensates by working together.
“The team’s strongest advantage [was] when we all playedas one, not as individuals,” said senior captain William Buckley. “There [were] 11 of us on the field, but when all pulled together as one, we are unstoppable.”
Throughout the season, East football played opposing teams where the players are physically bigger than East’s. East compensated for the size difference by using discipline and playing as a unit, and the major downfalls this season have occurred when players seemed to be out of sync. These difficulties made themselves known in two major loses for the team this year against Carrboro and Southern Durham.
“Players didn’t do what they’re positions job description requires them to do,” said senior captain, Manny Banks. “That can really mess up the game flow and way we play football… we just needed to play the way we did to win those other four games and focus everyday we step on the field.”
The team also emphasizes the importance of Coach Renner’s motivation both before and during games, supporting the community aspect of the team.
“[Coach Renner] wants us to be one big family,” said Buckley. “Before the game, he looked at us and says ‘have fun with your brothers tonight. Put it all on the line for your brothers.'”
The players were also excited about their 5-6, season and the additional sense of East pride. For this first time, East football made the playoff tournament.
“It is exciting that we will be the first team in years to get the chance to compete for a championship,” said Banks. “[It] gets everyone hyped.”
However, this prospect has not deterred the team’s discipline, and the team has worked hard to remain calm before every game.
“We [were] hungry to make it to the playoffs, but we tried to take it one game at time,” said Buckley.
This season, East’s football team has put their hearts into every game, perceiving until the very last seconds of their games.
“Our strongest advantage [was] our trust and love for one another,” said Banks. “We played our hearts out for one another until that clock hits zero.”

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