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Music improves working experience

Meshnick explores the benefits of listening to music while working, as does the pictured teenager.

By: Leah Meshnick

For many students music is key enjoyment, and for productivity. While studying for a test, writing an essay, or performing any other task requiring concentration, some students just turn off their music. But for many people, having a quiet background noise can help them focus. Music can block out more distracting noise and help procrastinators keep working till late at night or even early in the morning. It can even help calm nerves before a huge test.

While listening to music can have huge benefits for some, it doesn’t work for everybody. In order to get the best effects, opt for calm music with a fewer lyrics, as words can take away from your concentration.

“If [my homework] involves reading, then I listen to classical, but if it is math or science, then I listen to pretty much anything,” said sophomore Jake Krzyzewski. “Listening to classical music while doing reading is helpful because it provides a super intense soundtrack for whatever is happening in what you are reading. Listening to music while doing math makes it bearable.”

According to Stanford University School of Medicine classical music can really help concentration and focus. To listen to a variety of classical music, tune in to station 89.7. But if classical isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options to try out.

“When I’m studying I listen to calmer music like Two Door Cinema Club and Band of Horses,” said sophomore Sara Owre.

Even if the songs of your choice have words, just turn the volume down a bit and find out what works best for your learning style.

While concentration requires calm music, it has been shown that pump up and dance music with a fast beat can help while working out. During a hard workout or run, listening to music can motivate you and keep your mind off of pain.

“I just rock out to the music and keep powering through the run,” said Owre, a cross country runner.

When running, a fast beat can help increase your turnover, therefore increasing your pace. You could even try using an app like cruise control, which finds a song with a tempo to match your running speed.

Music can have so many positive effects for certain people, but in a classroom setting, it can be hard to incorporate. Times when the teacher isn’t talking it can be helpful, but in important lectures, it can be a huge distraction.

But for many students listening to music while doing busy work, studying, or even working out can really help concentration and help make work manageable.

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