East students fly to Spain for Spring Break

East students bond with their Spanish hosts. Photo courtesy of Domenica Sutherland.
East students bond with their Spanish hosts. Photo courtesy of Domenica Sutherland.

By Charlie Caron

Over spring break, this year’s batch of Spanish students will embark to Spain on what will be one of the highlights of their high school experience. This trip is not a new one, as many students participated last year. One of those students was junior Alex Tax.

“We were there for two weeks total, the first staying with our families in a small town south of Valencia called Carlet,” Tax said, “and the second split between visiting Barcelona in the northeast and Madrid, the capital.”

Tax says that the trip helped him become both more skilled in the language, and left him a great experience.

“When you are forced to talk in another language…you start to speak, think, and do everything in your life from a whole new perspective that previously seemed inaccessible,” Tax said. “Aside from all that, traveling with a bunch of friends for two weeks…creates an awesome bonding experience.”

This year, students leave on March 28, and will return by April 8. Tax thinks that the time away from school can cause some problems in terms of make-up work.

“I think the sole downside of the trip was missing the first week of the fourth quarter,” Tax said. “I didn’t plan ahead well enough and had to work on finishing an English project after school in Spain.”

The spring break journey is connected with East’s student exchange program, as students from both cultures get a chance to experience life in different environments. One participant this year, Domenica Sutherland, is excited to see her Spanish friend.

“We all got to know each other really well and we all became good friends,” Sutherland said. “I miss them all so much and I can’t wait to see them.”

The schedule for the trip is busy, as planners have to cram in visits to four cities, as well as time visiting their exchange partner’s family. The group is visiting Valencia, Toledo, Madrid, and Barcelona during their time in Spain to enter some of the largest cultural centers on offer.

By both visiting huge cities and engaging in everyday life, East students are sure to immerse themselves in the Spanish language.

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