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Bacchamole: Where to find the awesome guacamole

This issue, the ECHO flocked to the guac. Now, you can, too!

By Hannah Shanzer, Emily Breeden and Leah Meshnick

Do you ever find yourself in the terrifying predicament of craving the tantalizing deliciousness that is guacamole, but not knowing where to go? Have no fear, troubled students, the ECHO is here to solve your dilemma by helping you pick the best guacamole tailored to your taste buds.

Margaret’s Cantina:  4/5

The beachy keen environment of Margaret’s Cantina immediately put us in the mood for guacamole.  Although it took a bit of time for our server to bring us our food, it was well worth the wait.  The brightly colored chips brought to us were fresh out of the oven. The guacamole was a nice consistency of avocado chunks, pepper slices and tomato bits.  The warm crispy chips served as an excellent foil to the cool tangy guacamole.  Although we agreed that the guacamole would be better with a little more lemon juice, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Monterrey’s: 3/5

The dark, but authentic, atmosphere of Monterrey’s combined with the comfortable booths quickly won us over.  A waiter quickly brought us two different types of guacamole, a smooth version and a chunky version.  Although we enjoyed elements of the different versions, we all agreed they both lacked some essential elements.  The smooth guacamole was very creamy but had no vegetables other than avocado, and it tasted like it had a mayonnaise base which was a bit off-putting.  The chunky guacamole had a lot of lemon in it, but was a little too chunky and didn’t completely seem together as a whole.  If both guacamoles were mixed together, an overall better guacamole would be made, but it still would lack the desired freshness.

Lime: 4/5

We were skeptical in trying the guacamole at Lime, because the restaurant is a newcomer to Franklin Street, and we’re partial to Chipotle. But after tasting their delicious guacamole, we may change our allegiance.  The service at Lime was extremely fast and their guacamole came with a refillable tray of seasoned chips, something Chipotle sorely lacked.  Lime’s guacamole is chunkier, fresher and had a lot more tomatoes than Chipotle’s. It also had a lot lime in it which gave it a zesty unique taste.  Despite not being very spicy, the guacamole’s interesting flavors and pitch perfect texture make up for its lack of zing.  Also, because of Lime’s free salsa bar, a guacamole enthusiast is able to customize their guacamole based on their preferences with cilantro, hot sauce and salsa.  Although the price was a bit higher than other restaurants, the large serving size and the refillable chips were well worth it.


Chipotle:  3.5/5

Chipotle, a popular restaurant choice on Franklin, didn’t have incredibly memorable guacamole. At first glance the three dollar price could surprise you, but it is closely related to the meager proportions. Interestingly, this guac is lacking tomatoes and has very few onions, so it’s a great option for picky eaters. To be fair, this guacamole isn’t completely bland, and it makes up for its lack of veggies with the perfect amount of a lemon zest and subtle hints of spice. We were disappointed by this guac’s lack of chunky ingredients, but upon reconsideration it would work perfectly combined in a burrito with a chunky salsa.


Moes: 2/5

Because it’s a national chain, we didn’t have high expectations for Moes, and, in fact, their guacamole left much to be desired. The avocado to tomato ratio was satisfactory, but none of the ingredients seemed very fresh. The flavors that were there were good, but it was bland overall. There was no strong taste of lemon, jalapeno or cilantro. The texture was pleasing, right on the line between chunky and smooth, but there was nothing special about it. As a sauce for some other meal, these flaws would be almost unnoticed, but on its own, the guacamole just doesn’t hold up.


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