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How college mail can help you survive high school

By Kayla Miron

In addition to anxiety dreams and a late-night “College Confidential” addiction, the college application process leaves many high school students with oodles of mail. Unless you represent one of the few students undetected by every college or university in the country, you might struggle deciding what to do with all of your college mail. Below are a few suggestions that will, hopefully, relieve your mail problem and your stress.

 Use it to help narrow down your choices.

The college or university sending you mail has spent thousands of dollars on postage this year alone, so out of respect, you can use their mail to help determine where to apply or where to matriculate once you’ve been accepted. Instead of reading thousands of education platitudes, try a time-saving method, like darts, or allowing a pet to wander over a spread of letters and pick winners by sitting on them.



Use it to help you get accepted.

Instead of submitting a run-of-the-mill essay about why you want to attend school X, try making a visual display of appealing attributes of the school using the unlimited supply of photos you have received. Try including a few pictures of yourself in this display to help admissions officers visualize you at their school. This presentation will communicate thousands of ideas without exceeding word count. With your collage of  mail you can impress  admissions officers with your creativity. You can spark their interest with buzzwords like “leadership” and “synergy” without adding fluff or regurgitating phrases from their website.


Use it to help you escape.

When you’ve gotten so sick of the unrelenting college-related pressure from your school, friends, parents and mailbox that you’re ready to run away, you can use your college mail as supplies in your new life on the road. You can use the stocky booklets to make a shelter. To protect you from the elements you can use the smaller brochures to make a suit of weather-proof armor.


Use it to be productive doing things other than thinking about college.

Instead of allowing your daily letters increase the time and anxiety you expend thinking about college, use your mail to help make positive changes in your life unrelated to college. These practical uses could include leveling a wobbly desk, killing a bug or papier-macheing your mailbox shut.


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