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ECHO-location: Dates for Lovestruck but Clueless Mates

By Hannah Schanzer and Leah Meshnick

The Triangle area has a huge selection of date spots for East Students to explore.  Instead of wasting a date by repeating locations, pick up the check at some new hand-picked spots.

Ice Skating: Sportsplex

Ice skating is the perfect date to spice up any love rut. It’s romantic, fun, relatively inexpensive and the perfect excuse to hold hands. It’s such a great surprise for a boyfriend or girlfriend, and adds interest to the typical date.  Afterwards, warm up with some hot cocoa and make it a steamy night to remember. The nearest rink is the Sportsplex, about 16 minutes away from East.

9.9 mi, 16 mins

NC Hwy 86 N N

$6.50 Adult Admission

$3.50 Skate Rental

Movies: Southpoint

Perfect for the classic dinner and a movie date.
Perfect for the classic dinner and a movie date.

A night at the cinema: a classic first date.  It gives someone a chance to learn a lot about their date; what kind of movies they like, what they laugh at, how much butter they put on their popcorn, all without having to make stilted first date conversation.  The movie also creates the perfect framing device for a date.  A movie date is not only watching a screen for two plus hours together, it also involves meeting up beforehand, eating popcorn together and dissecting the movie once it is over. Out of all of the theaters in the Triangle, the Southpoint AMC Cinema is the best for a date.  The seats are plushy, the armrests are retractable, the movie selection is top notch and the popcorn butter is self-serve. The retractable armrests make this theater perfect for testing out the classic stretch and release move. It starts with a subtle yawn, and transitions to an arm conveniently falling on the back of a date’s shoulder. Although it may not be as close as other theaters, Southpoint’s exceptional facilities make up for the long trek

8030 Renaissance Pkwy, Durham, NC

8.7 mi, 12 mins

ADULT $10.00


Maple View Farms

Grab a rocking chair and enjoy some ice cream while watching the sunset with your lovely.
Grab a rocking chair and enjoy some ice cream while watching the sunset with your lovely.

This casual date is simple yet unique. Spacious fields are perfect for a romantic picnic, staring at the clouds and stars. A couple can just lay out a blanket and enjoy the calm environment. The cherry on top is the delicious ice cream waiting at Maple View, so be sure to finish the date with two scoops of creamy goodness. Something about the quiet surroundings makes this location ideal for talking and getting to know each other. Best of all, a picnic is less expensive than eating out, and Maple View ice cream only costs about four dollars per person. Although it feels like a distant getaway, Maple View Farms is fairly close to East.

9.5 mi, 17 mins

6900 Rocky Ridge Rd

Johnny’s Gone Fishing

1369243948A trip to Johnny’s is by far the best Sunday morning date any lucky boy or girl could dream of.  Located right outside of downtown Carrboro, Johnny’s Gone Fishing is a cozy café that hosts a variety of food trucks throughout the week.  Sunday mornings from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, the life-changingly delicious Parlez Vous Crêpes truck sets up shop right outside.  The truck offers a wide variety of crêpes, ranging from sweet, for example, raspberry nutella, to savory, such as basil, tomato, mozzarella.  The crêpes also range in price from $4.00 up to $9.00 depending the complexity of the crêpe.  After visiting the crêpe truck, the date need not end, for  inside of Johnny’s is a prime casual date location.  There are cozy couches and chairs, books and games, a wide selection of locally made food, friendly people, and of course, coffee.  It is a bit of a drive to get there, about 14 minutes away from East, but the friendly atmosphere and delectable crêpes will surely make up for the journey in no time.

901 West Main Street – Carrboro, NC

6.6 miles, 14 minutes


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