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Holiday gift flow chart

Zoe Hazerjian

Disclaimer: This flowchart should only be used if you are really really stuck and confused about what gift to give somebody. Before you begin this flowchart, it may help you to narrow down some choices on gifts. There are a couple of good questions you can ask yourself before buying a gift such as…

Do they gave a passion or hobby?
Do they have any small problem or something they are complaining about that you could provide a solution for?
(Nothing serious of course! ex: they always lose their phone charger, always ask for gum, have bad headphones)

Just by answering some of these questions, you can start to form an idea about what your friend would like. May it be for a Secret Santa gift, a White Elephant Gift Exchange, a friend or a teacher, this flowchart is made to give you suggestions for what you can buy.



 Just click “Echo flowchart” below to see the flowchart 

Echo flowchart

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