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Hold Tight, Don't Let Go by Laura Rose Wagner
Hold Tight, Don’t Let Go by Laura Rose Wagner

By Zoe Redfield

Not often do I dabble in looking at newly released fiction in the Young Adult section, especially because glittery vampires and overused plots involving a dystopian future tend to get a bit old. But this book was quite worth the read. “Hold Tight, Don’t Let Go” by Laura Rose Wagner is a novel depicting the aftermath of the 2011 Haiti earthquake and its effect on a teen and her community. Wagner has made a stunning debut to the fiction world; “Hold Tight, Don’t Let Go” is a breath-taking and gripping novel. For those who do not have much knowledge of Haiti before reading this, the novel does an excellent job of describing the country. “Hold Tight, Don’t Let Go”  introduces the reader to the vibrant community and history of Haiti, tells a riveting story of a teenager’s life in Haiti, and shows every aspect of the devastating aftermath of the 2011 earthquake. Wagner drew from her own experiences in Haiti to document this novel, and through her expert account of the earthquake, readers truly feel that they can connect to and experience it in a much more real and vivid way; this book hits home much harder than any news report would.  (5/5)

An author who never fails to impress is Jodi Picoult, particularly in her novel “The Tenth Circle.” Alluding to Dante’s “Inferno,” “The Tenth Circle” explores modern-day relationships between father and daughter, husband and wife and community and tragedy. With a touching and heartbreaking plot, Picoult manages to show every side of a difficult situation and explores human instinct and how people react to mistakes. A gripping novel, “The Tenth Circle”  is sure to entertain any audience. (4.8/5)

“Good Omens” by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett is a satire on the idea of an impending apocalypse that takes over our world. A witty and clever depiction of how biblical characters would exist in modern day times, Gaiman and Pratchett give an ironic take on what would happen. Laugh-out-loud funny, this book is a cult classic that can immediately become a favorite on any bookshelf. “Good Omens” is the kind of book to recommend to friends, even if they think reading is lame. (4.9/5)


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