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Leah’s Declassified School Survival Guide: episode four

By Leah Meshnick

Third quarter can be one of the toughest times of the school year. The student body is exhausted and the finish line is not in sight. Not to mention, winter weather can have extreme effects on moods and energy levels. Remember that letting the third quarter slump take control is a choice. Here are my best tips for fending it off.

  1. Stay home when you get sick. Chances are you will get sick at some point during this cold nine week period. Do not make it worse than it has to be. At a certain point of sickness going to school will not be productive. You will end up feeling worse and passing on your problems to others.
  2. Make sleep a priority. Sleep is more important that picking the perfect outfit, watching Netflix and browsing tumblr. Try to go to sleep as soon as possible and save time in the morning in whatever ways you can.
  3. Take naps. Even a 20 minute nap can give you the boost you need to get through a busy night of homework. A 30-60 minute nap is particularly good to recharge you if you need to memorize facts or vocab later. However, longer naps increase the risk of post-nap grogginess. If you can, always pick a nap over a cup of coffee because it can make you feel more awake and more focused than caffeine can.
  4. Drink smoothies! Smoothies taste like dessert but can actually be incredibly healthy. Make the most of Nature’s candy with delicious fruit drinks. Smoothies are a perfect taste of the warmer months and will transport you to a beach side vacation. Try sneaking in some leafy greens to give your smoothie a healthy kick.
  5. Make the most of whatever breaks there are. Third quarter is infamous for lacking in days off. When you do have the occasional day to rest, do something awesome. As nice as a TV marathon can be, an adventure is even better. Try planning an amazing day trip or hike.
  6. Set a countdown to Spring Break. Remember how close we are to spring weather and sleeping in. Setting a countdown on your phone or computer can be the perfect reminder to keep your chin up.
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