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Overworked and Overzealous Juniors: Episode 1

By: Kayla Merriweather and Henry Caron

Two juniors, taking a combined eight AP courses this year, have set out on a quest to discover their true pride in the only way they know: to be as hype as possible at any (and every) opportunity. Although they might spend hours each night climbing an Everest of homework, these two intrepid and overexcited juniors still show what it means to get pumped!

After another school week of early-hour nights and early-hour mornings (especially for Kayla, who made the poor decision to attend the pep rally at 5 A.M.), and days interspersed with the smallest hint of leisure, it was time for Kayla and Henry to embark upon the ritual performed happily by each student at East (other than band members): attend an East football game. While there will be more home games this year than last– don’t ask why– we decided to attend the the most popular: the classic rivalry between East and Chapel Hill High. We were sure to witness a game brimming with excitement and suspense, with quarterback Brater Gerber matching each and every one of Connor “The Traitor” Stough’s throws and Amier Alston darting for touchdown after touchdown. We arrived, slightly intoxicated from the morning’s coffee and high on sleep deprivation, ready for the matchup in store.

The theme for the evening’s football game was ‘jungle,’ so Kayla kept it low-key with her East homecoming shirt, while Henry rocked a look comprised of a ridiculously huge sombrero with arousing camouflage crocs (together we were the definition of jungle theme).  We took our respective places, Kayla among her social media-driven friends and Henry with the loud and crass junior boys.  The game began as we never expected, with Chapel Hill punishing East over and over as the Tigers displayed their athletic prowess.

After a few minutes into the game, it was quickly apparent who the winner would be. However, this didn’t make the student section any more docile; in fact, it became even louder. We now had no holds barred, so we began a spiteful tirade of chants, including, “Stough’s a Traitor!,” “SAT Scores!,” “Win by 30!,” and, finally, “DEEZ! NUTS!,” led by the author of this article himself, Henry (which will go down as the only thing he has done well). It was reasons such as these that Kayla did not sit near Henry, since she didn’t want to be associated with his foolishness.

As the game drew to a close with East scoring (calm down, it was against Chapel Hill’s third string), the student section emptied. Students went their separate ways: to drink soda, watch Netflix, and chill, leaving Henry and Kayla to go home by themselves without the prospect of free ‘soft’ drinks. Nonetheless, the duo was happy, hoarse, and homework-laden as the weekend began.

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