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Showcase: East Student Bands

By Isaac Rosso Klakovich and Julia Long

East has a thriving community of artists and musicians, and these three student-led bands are both talented and passionate about the music they create.

Some Antics

Members of from left to right Tim Rineheart, Archer Merritt, Cooper Statile, and Etan Manellie
Members of from left to right Tim Rineheart, Archer Merritt, Cooper Statile, and Etan Manellie

Some Antics is a student band led by East sophomore and lead singer Cooper Statile. Members include Archer Merritt (drums), Etan Manelli (guitar) and Tim Rineheart (bass), all of whom are freshmen at East Chapel Hill High. The band got together last November, but its members have been playing music for years.

“Anywhere from metal to pop punk,” said Statile, regarding the band’s sound. “We also do some punk rock and power punk stuff.”

So far, the band has played at two of Be Loud! Sophie Foundation’s fundraising events at the Cat’s Cradle.

“That was really fun, I remember it being a great experience,” Statile said. “We absolutely love playing for the Be Loud! Sophie Foundation.”

Statile also discussed Some Antics’ recent endeavors to write and record originals. Previously, the band had exclusively played covers of songs, but now they are in the process of writing their own.

“[My bandmates] have all just come over and we’ve jammed and have come up with eight or nine full length songs,” Statile said. “I’m in the works on the lyrics.”

You can find Some Antics and their upcoming gigs on Facebook at Some Antics.

The Vernacular

The Vernacular members from left to right Caleb Chiang, Spencer Huffman, Nicholas Batman,  and Julian Tamers
The Vernacular members from left to right Caleb Chiang, Spencer Huffman, Nicholas Batman, and Julian Tamers

Another East student band is The Vernacular, which includes Nicholas Batman (vocals/pianist), Julian Tamers (lead guitarist), Caleb Chiang (drummer), Spencer Huffman (lead bassist) and Griffin Bedell (backup bassist). They have been playing their signature mixture of blues, rock, and funk since last December and plan to keep on jamming throughout their high school careers.

“What really perpetuated our love for playing music together was our friendship,” said Tamers.

They made it clear that without the friendship they formed last year, our ears wouldn’t be graced with the sound of their music.

“The main art in music is creating something new,” said Batman.

“We focus a lot [on] not only the music that’s there, but also the space in between the notes,” Tamers said. “We focus a lot about letting things breathe, this is our approach to creating music and I thinks [it has] allowed us to write music in a very unique way.”

        Their next gig is on Halloween at 1:00 p.m. at City Market Hall in Raleigh. You can find more about this as well as other information about the band on Facebook The Vernacular.


Nu-Corporate band members
Nu-Corporate band members

Nu-Corporate puts an emphasis on experimenting with sound and emulating the musicians they admire. The band includes seniors Noah Terrell (vocals) and Jennifer Sessions (drums), junior Franky Wang (guitar), sophomore Ken Mizobuchi (guitar), and Cedar Ridge senior Draven Zane (bass). The band has been together since November of 2014 and has played at Springfest, among a few other events.

When asked about their music style, the group just laughed.

“I want to say we sound post punk,” said Terrell reluctantly. “It’s a sound that came after Green Day and Nirvana.”

The band has a unique sound that is hard to corner into a single genre. While the band members may not agree on the precise definition of their sound, they certainly work well together and enjoy experimenting.

“We’re working on some originals now,” said Mizobuchi.

“We take paper plates and write the song structure on them… chorus, bridge, those kinds of things,” added Wang.

“There’s no one main songwriter,” Terrell finished.

While records and gigs may not be the band’s first priority, they’re extremely dedicated to what they create and enjoy working together immensely.

You can find out more about Nu-Corporate onyou guessed it Facebook at Nu-Corporate.

Photos Courtesy of: Cooper Statile, Nicholas Batman, and Franky Wang


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