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Tennis serves it up

By Michelle Verderber

The East women’s tennis team is 9-1 (win-loss) so far this season, and is going strong as they continue their conference matches into the middle of this month. In september they competed in regionals and will compete in the state tournament mid-November. The team has been ranked number one in the state in the second round of the state tournaments for the past few years.

Junior Iskra Joksimovic
Junior Iskra Joksimovic returns a forehand

Senior and second on the team, Jocelyn Reckford discussed what could happen during a match. Tennis involves a lot of focus so when something interrupts a player the game can be slowed down or a “let” can be called in order to redo a point. Reckford also spoke to the differences between strategy in singles and doubles Tennis.

“In doubles you have a partner so there’s a lot more coordinating with someone else,” said Reckford. “You need to be verbal [and] you get a lot more time at the net. There is a lot more [need and opportunity] to pull tricky shots.

The team has been conference champions in past years and may be again this year. Last year the number one doubles team went to the state finals and the whole team peaked at number three in the state.

The team welcomed Nick Walker as their new coach this season as well as freshman Savannah Bright, now the number one player on the team for singles. Iskra Joksimovic, a junior, and Victoria Jones, a sophomore, are number one on the team for doubles.

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