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Finally, a Geofilter!

By Julia Long

Several weeks ago, East students arrived at school to find that Snapchat stories from Chapel Hill High School students featuring customized geofilter for CHHS. Now, East students can enjoy their own custom geofilter, made official by the app a few days ago. The filter is a logo that says “EastSide” in black with a paw print in the “d.”

Individuals can put in requests for a geofilter of a school, city, or neighborhood simply by going to Snapchat’s website and following instructions on image specifications. Once a request is submitted, Snapchat reviews the request and then puts it into their system, making the geofilter accessible to it’s users.

The popularity of these geofilters are another sign that the way to connect and publicize an organization or business is through social media. The ECHO has been increasing its own social media presence over the past year, with an updated Twitter account (@theechobserver) and a new Snapchat and Instagram presence (@echobserver).

The new East geofilter has the potential to create a closer sense of community, and even increase school spirit. Critics, however, are concerned that is encourages snapping in class and could become even more of a distraction in the future. Nevertheless, students are excited about this opportunity, especially after seeing it’s success at Chapel Hill High School.

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