Fantasy Football appeals to all audiences

As the weather cools down and the leaves start to change, there is one thing on everyone’s mind: football. Well, almost everyone. Some prefer to focus on the less athletic portion of the game, whether that be watching games on television or playing fantasy football themselves. Fantasy football is a household name with a lot of positive and negative stigma, and many are oblivious to the complexities that fantasy football entails.
Adored by many, fantasy football is the online social world that gives each player the ability to draft and create their perfect NFL team. Over the past 50 years, the game has developed into the nationally renowned event it is now. Although it started offline, the invention of the internet has changed the game drastically, from increasing its speed to allowing players to compete against people even from other time zones. Many look forward to playing, betting, and beating their family and friends in the game.
Junior Sam Grizzle shares his opinion on the game and it’s players, stating, “I think of guys who don’t normally play sports sitting around pretending to. Personally, I probably wouldn’t play the game because real football exists, and I would rather watch that.”
The online aspect of the game allows players to experience the sport, who might otherwise be kept from playing football, whether it be because of a disability or even because of one’s gender.
“I think there is a certain amount of skill needed to determine who to add and remove to make your personal dream team, but no real athletic skill is required,” said Grizzle.
The various components of the game and required general knowledge of football, evoke the stereotype of the player, most commonly men. The competitive nature also alludes to this, as many would consider this a “boys game,” and not of interest to women. Although this stereotype may ring true to some, this game is popular among a variety of populations, as it allows anyone to play and create their own team equally. In attempts to diminish this stereotype, the ECHO’s Landis Urquhart set out to play the game.
Although daunting at first, background knowledge of football and specific players allowed me to quickly catch on to the aspects of the game. After joining a draft and selecting my team, I began to compete with players from all over the country. The more one plays the game, a few things become increasingly obvious. It is to the player’s advantage to have knowledge of not only football rules, but also the current season’s players and their ranks. Unless one is playing with other inexperienced players, this may seriously hinder their wins. As I continued to advance into the game, I realized how although my first impression of the game was that it was more complicated than I thought, the game is actually easy for anyone to learn.
Fantasy football is truly a game for all players. The game is a perfect outlet for those of competitive and athletic natures.

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