iPhone 7 leaves critics underwhelmed and fans outraged

By Charlie Mascia

Tim Cook revealed his “revolutionary” iPhone 7 and 7 Plus at the annual Apple Keynote on September seventh. The “dramatically improved” smartphones displayed a number of new features and improvements to the previous model.

A water resistant chassis protects the phone from spilled drinks and accidental dives into the toilet, and a slight change of the antennae bar provides a simpler, cleaner look.

However these changes were heavily criticized by notable tech experts. “This year, once again, some of the best new features are just catching up to rival phones: water resistance, image stabilization, stereo speakers.” Described David Pogue in his recently underwhelming review. Most reviewers agree, Apple hasn’t displayed anything new under the sun.

The most controversial adjustment made to the design of the phone is the removal of the headphone jack previously located on the bottom left of the phone. Marketing chief Phil Schiller, defended the change as “something better for all of us.”

Critics from Mashable described this change as stupid, greedy, and arrogant. Apple faces steep backlash on social media, Twitter users ranted during the keynote about their future inability to charge and listen simultaneously. Apple’s solution to the lack of a headphone jack: “AirPods.” Bluetooth headphones that can connect with your phone are supposedly the future. AirPods are set to run at about $159 dollars and pose a serious added expense for any buyer.

A new camera for both phones provides image stabilization, 12 megapixels, and on the iPhone 7 Plus, dual camera optical zoom. These improvements are much needed and provide users with a more competitive camera setup.

A refined home button, which does not click is new. Alongside a 25 percent brighter screen, and two times faster A10 processing chip. A new “Jet Black” colorway is on the market. Glossy, deep, and sleek it exudes a luxurious feel. Critics are less than thrilled, citing the material as plasticy and cheap. Finally, Of course the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will include the new IOS 10 software.

This new set of iPhones will be available to customers Sept. 16, but beware of higher prices: Apple slashed the 16 gigabyte category so the lowest price sits at about $650.


Images courtesy of: venturebeat.com and macworld.com

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 7 and Airpods

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