Students approve resources for SAT and ACT studying

By Olivia Cohen

Let’s face it: preparing for college is hard. But the long and arduous road to a university acceptance letter can be quicker with the right resources. Don’t worry about spending time looking for the right SAT, ACT, and college guides. A review of the best apps, websites, and books for these topics are sure to make life easier while dealing with the stresses of high school.

If you are worried about the SAT…

App:  “SAT Up Test Prep and Tutoring” is great if users have a couple minutes to spare throughout the day. After taking the diagnostics test, this app helps identify areas users need to work on and individualized study plans. Personalized workouts and games take no longer than 10 minutes. If extra help is needed, the app has a built in tutor that users can access 24 hours a day.

Book: “Up Your Score: The Underground Guide to Outsmarting ‘The Test’” suppresses all fears readers might have about taking the SAT.  Written by six college students who aced the test, this book is concise, funny, and an enjoyable read. All eight chapters are worth looking at and make difficult topics not so difficult. At fifteen dollars, this book is great for individuals who are overwhelmed and need someone to make the SAT seem a little less scary.

Website: “Khan Academy:SAT Prep” is perfect for users who need a detailed study experience. This website has full length SAT tests, practice problems, and tips on how to succeed. If users prefer visual learning, there are hundreds of videos on the site that cover everything from geometry to grammar.

Users never have to spend time worrying about finding the right study resources with this helpful sight!


If you are worried about the ACT…

App: “ACT Prep: Practice Tests and Flashcards” contains all the information of an expensive review book in a free and fun app. This tool contains a diagnostic test, practice tests, and questions of the day. It makes finding a tutor easy and even helps make flashcards. Many users swear by this app and claim it makes studying easier and more enjoyable.

Book: “ACT Prep Black Book: The Most Effective ACT Strategies Ever Published” is an essential read for getting the highest score possible on the test. Written by a globally renowned ACT tutor, this book teaches readers how the questions are formatted, original solutions, and crucial time saving strategies. At only sixteen dollars on Amazon.com, this book has the potential to change the lives of its readers.

Website: “ACT Test Preparation- Practice Test Questions” is the only website made by the creators of the ACT.  To ensure users’ success, free study guides, online video sessions, and tips are available to access. People do not need to feel insecure about their test-taking skills after using this site.

Studying for the ACT has never been so simple with this app.


If you are worried about college…

App: “College Interactive” is an app that finds the best schools for users based on their prospective majors. Users can manage their favorite universities on their profile and never worry about having outdated information. If the process seems daunting, this app teaches users about how to prepare, pay, and check out different colleges for free.

Book: “ Princeton Review: The Best 381 Colleges 2017 Edition” requires great attention to detail, but is an extremely helpful book. If readers want an honest overview of a school, this book genuinely answers all questions and concerns. Details like tuition, workload, and even overall happiness are covered in a concise synopsis of each university. At only eighteen dollars, this book can save time and money on finding the right school for the right reasons.

Website: “Big Future: by The College Board” is a well-renowned and helpful source for teens and parents. Created by the same company that creates AP tests, this website breaks down the admissions process and helps users create a plan for the future. This platform is great for visual learners and allows for an easy comparison between schools and potential careers.

This book is perfect for those unaware of where to begin their college search.


Photos Courtesy of Khan Academy, AppShopper, and Clark University


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