By Skyler Boyer

The North Carolina State fair is just around the corner, and as any loyal attendee can tell you, that means crazy fried food is coming too. The ECHO has compiled a list of the top 10 selections of crazy fried food.


Pimento Cheese Hush Puppies

Fried Food Enthusiast David Wrenn has unveiled a fantastic new creation, a deep fried pimento cheese bacon and jalapeno hush puppy. It is served with a “Sriracha bang bang sauce”. This cheesy concoction is the result of months of experimentation, during which Wrenn has varied levels of jalapeno, salt, and bacon to create what he believes to be the perfect snack.


Deep Fried Soda

In 2006 a man by the name of Abel Gonzales Jr. had a vision; he imagined a world where man can deep fry soda. Gonzalez makes this caloric bomb from frozen Coca-Cola covered in batter, then deep fried. Finally he covers it with Coca-Cola syrup whipped cream, and a cherry.


Deep Fried Butter

This is a down home country favorite. It is made by coating an entire full sized stick of butter with Cinnamon-Sugar, and then dipping it in a butter. Most of the butter melts out of the stick, so one is left with a buttery delectable treat.


Deep Fried Cheeseburger

Nothing says classic Americana quite like a deep frying already perfectly fine foods. Made from an entire cheeseburger that has then been deep fried, it first made its debut in California. It has since spread across the nation.



Deep Fried Picnic

Perhaps having only one food in your deep fried obscenity doesn’t appeal to you. Perhaps you woke up needing an unholy combination of fried Chicken, tater tots, and a pickle, all dipped in batter and boiling oil.



Deep Fried PB&J

An essential component of any cafeteria, the PB&J sandwich has been enjoyed by children for years. One vendor decided to take this beloved childhood snack and deep fry it, with delicious results.



Fried Kool-Aid

A summertime favorite, Kool Aid fills the memories of any teenagers childhood. One vendor decided to mix the powdery drink with his battery and prepare a delectable deep fried treat.


Fried Jumbalaya

Moving past the sweet to the savory, a trip to soul food is welcome change. A spiced mixture of rice, seafood, and meat, each piece works together to create a little bite of New Orleans.



Fried Cheesecake

As insane as this sounds, it has been given rave reviews by fairgoers. The batter is described as light and not at all greasy, the cheesecake is rich, and filling.


Deep Fried Cookie Dough

Easily the most appealing option here, the deep fried cookie dough is delicious, and is produced with an egg substitute, so there’s no need to fear salmonella.

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