Young golf team progresses

By Maggie Sperry

This year, the East women’s golf team revelled in some great success and bonded as a team. The season recently came to a close for the women’s golf team on Tuesday, October 17. However, many players enjoyed their time and new experiences and look forward to the seasons ahead.

The team consisted of five sophomores and three freshmen, many of whom have never played before.

“Some of them have not played yet but despite that they were still really good, and since we’re such a young team it’s looking up for the future,” explained captain Carolyn Hsu.

Games were especially tough this year with all the new players. The team had an average ranking of fifth place in matches. Every school played against each other at the same time and each team was ranked out of seven based on the overall performance by all team members. It was a season of building and adjusting for each member.

From left to right; Clara Grillo, Carolyn Hsu, LeAnne Ding, Catherine Jones, Anna Grillo. East women's golf players
From left to right; Clara Grillo, Carolyn Hsu, LeAnne Ding, Catherine Jones, Anna Grillo. East women’s golf team players.


“The team builds friendship, determination, patience and you have to analyze as you play,” said sophomore Catherine Jones.

Both the team as a whole along with individual players have room for improvement.

“Working on getting more consistent by hitting every week so that we can help to improve our scores,” Hsu suggested.

Hsu and Jones also commented on personally working their short game, like putting and chipping.

“I have the distance, but need more control and experience with planning the course. Chipping and putting is where I can decrease my score the most,” explained Jones.

The team is ready and eager to improve for next year’s season and become a top contender in matches. It hopes to see many returning players, as well as some fresh faces.


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