Netflix changes in February 2017


It doesn’t take too long for an avid Netflix user to binge through the classics. The lengthy shows that are universally praised such as “Friends”, “How I Met Your Mother”, or “The Office”, are often short lived as user’s find a way to cram episodes into their busy lives. Each series ends faster than the last, and before they know it, users find themselves in an abyss; the abyss of not having any movies or TV series  to watch after a long day.


Knowing the dilemma that every Netflix user faces at some point, the Netflix team, has concocted an impressive list of shows and movies to tend to the symptoms of withdrawal.


Starting on February, people will no longer need to use sketchy websites plagued with ads to watch their favorite movies. Netflix will begin introducing many critically-acclaimed films like “Magic Mike”, “Babe”, and best of all, “Superbad”. Many other movies including Finding Dory, “Project X” (1987), “Twilight”, and the Chronicles of Narnia will also all make their debut through February.


On the other side of the spectrum,  Netflix will be adding a few TV series as well. The most notable include, “American Crime Story: The People v, O.J. Simpson”, and two new Netflix original series’: “Santa Clarita Diet” and the “Ultimate Beastmaster.”
With fresh content coming to Netflix, users no longer have to rewatch movies or series. February is packed with hours of entertainment and there is much to come in 2017. For most, the abyss is not as deep as it used to be.

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