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Zelda Fitzgerald takes over in new Amazon original series

By: Olivia Cohen 

Step aside, F. Scott. There is a new star of the Fitzgerald family and her name is Zelda.

“Z: The Beginning of Everything,” a new Amazon original series, focuses on the adult life of Zelda Fitzgerald (Christina Ricci), the wife of author F. Scott Fitzgerald (David Hoflin). This fictionalized account of the couple’s marriage focuses on their posh lifestyle and F. Scott’s search for literary inspiration in his wife.

The first season tells the story of Zelda meeting F. Scott, their courtship, and the secrets behind their A-list lifestyle. While from the outside their life appears glamorous, this show unmasks the various social issues that plagued their lives such as infidelity and substance abuse.

Amazon Prime is set to release the show on Jan. 27, 2017. The first season is 10 episodes, and if all goes well, a second season should quickly follow.

Therese Anne Fowler, a Raleigh-based author, inspired Amazon’s adaptation of the show from her book, “Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald.”

“The more I learned, the more I felt Zelda deserved to have her real story told. There were already good biographies, but it hadn’t been done as fiction,” said Fowler in an interview with the “News and Observer.”

After the success of her novel, Fowler has a busy schedule ahead. With a new book on the way and an online series set to premiere, this local author is destined to make herself a household name.

“Z: The Beginning of Everything”  appeals to a crowd that is interested in the life of the rich and famous around the Roaring 20’s. Accompanied by a tinge of inspiration from F. Scott’s famous novel “The Great Gatsby ,” this show eloquently narrates the life and times of the Fitzgerald couple.

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