“Billy on the street…Billy on the street…He’s making dreams come true…Billy on the street!”

For those that are unfamiliar with the opening theme of truTV’s “Billy on the Street,” the simple phrasing could not sum up the essence of comedian Billy Eichner’s comedy gameshow better.  

The program follows Eichner as he parades around Manhattan and plays quiz-games with strangers. In every episode, he features his two most popular sketches, “Quizzed in the Face” and “For a Dollar.” In the first, Eichner ambushes a passerby and asks them a series of questions about pop culture. The twist of the game is that the answers must agree with his personal opinion. If the contestant answers it correctly, they can win up to $100.  But  if they get two answers wrong, their 15 minutes of fame are over. Similarly, in the second, Eichner runs around the city yelling pop-culture related questions, offering one dollar to anyone who answers correctly. Eichner’s brash persona combines perfectly with various New Yorker’s personalities, leading to a lot of yelling, eye-rolling, and playful banter that leaves viewers laughing out loud.

“I love how fearless he is in shoving a microphone in someone’s face and playing a ridiculous game,” said teacher Nick Winstead. “It is refreshing when celebrities are willing to have fun with themselves.”

Amongst the hundreds of people Eichner has met on the show, one contestant in particular has won the hearts of his audience. Elena, a sassy and charismatic senior citizen from New York, has formed a surprising friendship with Eichner and often accompanies him on his trips around Manhattan.

Besides Elena, this show features a wide variety of guest stars. From Amy Poehler impersonating Pitbull to Michelle Obama playing hide and seek in a grocery store, this program never fails to surprise its viewers.

The fifth season ended on Jan. 24, and new episodes are pending a release date. Many of the clips are available on the “Funny or Die” website, on YouTube, or on demand.

“Billy on the Street” is perfect for lovers of witty humor and reality T.V. Eichner’s exuberance and charm paired with a well-written script exceeds the standards of conventional comedy. This show is a must-watch, and will leave viewers wondering how they too can get quizzed in the face by Eichner or win one of his special dollars.


Photo courtesy of listal.com

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