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Invest in the Feb 48 fest

By: Olivia Cohen 

For those searching for a fun weekend activity, make sure to reserve tickets for February 48 on your calendar — not the date, but the annual festival at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro.

February 48 is a one-weekend play-making festival taking place from Feb. 24-26. Anyone who is interested in the arts can take on a role as a writer, actor, director, stage manager, or technician. Auditions are held on Feb. 18 for those interested in writing or acting, and applications for directing are released at the beginning of the month.   

At the beginning of the weekend, the board of directors chooses two lines from a popular book to use as the introduction and conclusion of the playwright’s work. From there, participants are split into five teams with two writers, one director, one stage manager, and four to six actors. The limited script requirements allow for a variety of topics, themes, and characters to be fused into each individual story. Once the final plays are composed, the audience can expect a production that exemplifies some of the Triangle’s best creative writing.  

Last year’s  plays covered many subjects ranging from human emotions to old-fashioned high school drama.

“My favorite part of the process besides performing was how much fun I had getting to know the people I was working with,” said junior Mira Silveira, who participated in the festival last year. “Although I had fun performing on stage, in the future I would love to direct or write.”

Junior Camille Witt, the production manager for the event, has nothing but positive things to say about her past experience as an actress.

“People should participate because it is a great, low-stakes way to try different aspects of theatre,” said Witt. “It is also so much fun and a great way to meet new people and make lots of great memories.”

Individuals interested in participating should keep an eye on the Carrboro ArtsCenter website for more details. There is a small participation fee, but no one will be denied if they are unable to provide the funds. At only eight dollars to attend the production, this  festival is a great way to support local artists, while enjoying some of the best entertainment The ArtsCenter has to offer.

Photo courtesy of One Song Productions.

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