Wegmans coming soon to Chapel Hill

Wegmans, a well known grocery store in the North, is now moving its way down to Chapel Hill. The New York-based company began its expansion in early 2016, looking at several different locations in Chapel Hill.

The new location has been narrowed down to a soon-to-be vacant Performance AutoMall dealership site, 13 acres large. It is right off of Wake Forest Road, near Interstate 440. It plans to be 130,000 square feet with over 700 parking spaces. Wegmans, currently has 92 stores in six states, making North Carolina the seventh to open in.

The Orange County Board of County Commissioners and the Chapel Hill Town Council gave Wegmans a $4 million tax incentive to open in Chapel Hill, as long as they created 185 full-time jobs and 413 part-time jobs. Wegmans also confirmed that there is a plan to open two other stores in Cary and one in Raleigh. But, unlike Chapel Hill, there was no need for a financial incentive in these cities.

Wegmans vegstable and fruit displays.
Wegmans vegstable and fruit displays.

The store is hoping to attract students from the surrounding high schools and from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Although Wegman’s is not well known to everyone, they’re hoping to attract more loyal shoppers, like Karen Sanders, a teacher at East.

“I did all of my grocery shopping there, it was rare that I went anywhere else.” She explained that, “everything always looks good, the vegetables were always fenomenale, there were always people there cleaning them and putting fresh things out. The store was never dirty, never disorganized, never anything other than perfect.”

Sanders also expressed how Wegmans is a big supporter for local farms, and has even given scholarships to their employees, as long as they’re ready to put in the work. So, make sure to be on the lookout for the new store, it is sure to get your hooked.

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  • Clayton Dymond

    We can’t wait for the store to open. We are transplants from the Northeast and we miss Wegmans.
    I think the location noted in the article is not correct though. I believe it will be located off Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard not Wake Forest Road. The Wake Forest location might be right off Wake Forest Road.

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