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Being a multi-sport athlete is common among students at East. Many Wildcats can be spotted participating in events through the seasons, from the fall to the spring. However, there are many benefits that exist for playing multiple sports which even the most decorated athletes at East may not know about.

According to Mark Rerick of The National Federation of State High School Associations, the most important reason as to why one should consider playing multiple sports is that one would be able to develop their skills year round. Although different sports require a variety of abilities and tasks, basic skills such as running and hand-eye coordination remain relevant in all sports.

Another major incentive for student-athletes to participate in multiple sports is that it gives them exposure to college scouts. Professional athletes such as LeBron James, Ezekiel Elliott, and Bo Jackson all played a variety sports in high school, diversifying their athletic resumes and paving their way to become the sports heroes that they are known as today.

East sophomore Bryce Jeske, who participates in both baseball and basketball, agrees that playing multiple sports benefits him as an athlete.

“The main reason I play multiple sports is because it’s fun,” explained Jeske. “My main sport is baseball, but basketball helps me with it a lot.”

Jeske also believes that playing multiple sports is important for collegiate recruiting purposes.

“A lot of coaches who might be recruiting you like to see multi sport athletes,” said Jeske. “It also helps you not burn out or lose interesting in one sport.”

Tommy Smigla, a teammate of Jeske on the baseball team, also participates on the Easy swim team. In an interview with the ECHO, Smigla seemed to agree with Jeske’s responses.

“I think playing multiple sports is great, because it is very enjoyable,” said Smigla. “Also, it is great to do lots of extracurriculars after school.”

Like Jeske, Smigla believes that playing multiple sports is appealing to college scouts as well.

“Colleges like to see a lot of participation with sports at school,” explained Smigla. “Playing a variety of sports is great, too, because you can get noticed by colleges a lot easier.”

East athletic director Randy Trumbower matches the student athletes’ passion for playing multiple sports.

“I played an lettered in three different sports. I believe that playing multiple sports is very beneficial. It helps prevent injuries and promotes school unity,” said Trumbower. “You only have a limited time in high school, so I highly encourage playing any sport you have an interest in.”

In addition, Trumbower also feels as though playing multiple sports looks better for colleges as well.

“I believe colleges like student athletes who play multiple sports because it demonstrates a higher level of dedication and determination,” said Trumbower. “As an athlete, competition gave me confidence and options for college.”

Whether one is playing sports purely recreationally or planning on taking their talents to the next level, one should consider playing multiple sports. From physical benefits to higher exposure to college coaches, being a multi sport athlete is clearly a beneficial path to take.

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