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The rise of self-care products signifies a cultural shift

By: Kayla Merriweather

Juggling school, sports, extracurriculars, and sleep is a big weight for high schoolers to withstand. As a result, many seek ways to alleviate stress in a pleasurable way that is also somewhat constructive. The increasing popularity of self-care products has swept the East student body, with females being the primary users. The products are utilized to not only increase one’s health, but also to relax and reduce stress.

“I use face masks usually once or twice a week,” said junior Alex Mauney. “ I have a lot of bath bombs but I never really have all that time to take a bath so I have to be really stressed and in need of relaxation to use them.”

“Fresh handmade cosmetics” is the tagline of Lush Cosmetics, a cosmetics company centered in the United Kingdom. Their website touts products for the face, hair, body, shower, bath, and more. Because of their wide variety of offerings, Lush has surged to the forefront of the self-care industry. However, many other companies offer similar products to remain relevant.

“I usually buy my products from the Nordstrom beauty counter, Sephora, or Origins,” Mauney described. “These are my go-to places because I’ve been going there for a while and I trust that their products are good.”

Using self-care products also can create a sense of camaraderie or community among its users, since the suggestion of products can be by word of mouth.

“I prefer asking someone I know with similar skin to mine about the product. I usually ask around before putting new stuff on my skin because my skin is super sensitive,” Mauney explained.

The recommendation of products or even applying scrubs, face masks, and more with someone else can make the experience even more enjoyable.

One of the most important parts about self-care in general is knowing one’s own body and its needs. While places like Lush are nice, it often takes lots of trial and error or recommendations to find out which products are the most suitable. For this reason, dermatology centers are a comparable alternative. Their employees are trained for skincare, so they can offer suggestions that are often more informed than those at a beauty store.

For many, using self-care products is a significant self-esteem booster. Taking time to care for oneself is relaxing, but taking pride in one’s appearance is a way to generally feel good. The increasingly popularity of self-care products may signify a cultural shift, where people begin to care about themselves more. In a society that is centered around materialism and the rat race, this alteration gives hope for the future.

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