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Accepting failure increases confidence

By: Olivia Cohen

One of the worst feelings a person can experience is rejection. Whether it be from a certain school, job, or even relationship, the notion of not being enough has the ability to ruin one’s self-confidence. Despite the common belief that rejection is the worst thing that can happen to a person, there are many positive benefits from failure.  

It is inevitable that many people will not be accepted to every school or program to which they have applied. Due to a recent increase in applicants, many students find themselves reading their college acceptance results with teary eyes and heavy hearts. While some view rejection as a negative setback, it can often lead students to explore other options they may have not previously considered.

Oftentimes, denial of an application relates to an applicant not fulfilling a certain standard of requirements for acceptance. Another positive outcome that can come from this type of rejection is the opportunity to develop one’s skillset or portfolio. Even though participating in new activities can be difficult, they are usually beneficial in expanding one’s skillset.

Around a year ago, I got rejected from a Duke biomedical engineering camp,” said junior Connor Diaz. “When I looked further into why I was dismissed, I realized that I had lacked the biomedical qualifications, but had the proper engineering skills to help me further explore the field. I knew I wanted to use those skills for something similar, so I checked out ecological engineering. Now a year later, I have been accepted into an ecological engineering program.”

Finally, the most crucial benefit from rejection is the ability to practice resilience. While a bit of self-pity and sadness are natural, what you do next can determine your future success. Even though it may be difficult, realizing that a rejection is not personal can help initiate one’s desire to try something again. With the passing of time, reinvigorated interest, and perseverance, getting rejected does not feel like such a big deal. The more a person pursues what they love, the happier they will be. One rejection is not the end of the world. In fact, it usually opens up a whole new world which can change the way you perceive your interests, relationships, and a new realm of possibilities.

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