“Black Mirror,” available on Netflix, is a mind-bending, speculative drama of critical importance. Perhaps the most relevant series on television today, “Black Mirror” serves as an exposé of modern society’s most resounding issues. With episodes chronicling future societies driven by social media likes, or controlled by hackers; Black Mirror’s messages reverberate with any audience.

“Black Mirror” is composed of a multitude of stand-alone episodes. Episodes range in length, as different directors are chosen to display each story. However, it is not the production of “Black Mirror” that is so important. “Black Mirror” displays the possible futures of modern society. Frequently, the episodes are painful to sit through. Each depicts a totally different world or dimension than the one we live in, with varying degrees of similarity. The most eye-opening episodes tend to be those that are extraordinarily similar to our reality, which will force the viewer to re-think their use of technology and change their perception of social patterns.

For instance, one episode depicts the fatal plight of a British teenager who is forced by hackers, who hold his internet search history hostage, to carry out a series of increasingly violent and serious actions. The colors are washed, gray, and dismal. The dialogue is at first simple, but later raw and terrifying. The characters progress through the ordeals set by the hackers at increasing levels of hysteria. The resolution of the episode is the sort of thing that will change ones mood for a day or two, and will certainly force one to consider their actions. Episodes like these depict what could happen, in a few short years or even today, to anyone who is involved in the social media, and tech driven society one lives in.

“Black Mirror,” as a study of faults, is horrifyingly accurate. The show displays in various degrees of hyperbole what we see in our society today. One such episode dramatizes the gravity of social media; the dimension in this case is completely twisted and ultimately fake. Social media, in this prediction, is the deciding factor between where you live, what job you have, who you can talk to. Everything is based on your rating by others on a social media site. The desire to be liked and supported on the imaginary platform creates an atmosphere in which nobody truly likes each other. While this example is clearly an exaggeration, it hits close to home for anyone who has a presence online.

The fantasies presented display our realities better than anything else to date, and they expertly connect to every modern citizen’s choices. “Black Mirror” is an epochal achievement in the field of television, and it serves a higher purpose than almost any other media. “Black Mirror” is a warning, and the images presented must be recognized as a forecast. “Black Mirror” urges you: do not fall into the ever-tightening grip of technology, otherwise you may end up like one of its characters.

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