Students should consider journaling

Following UNC’s impressive victory in the national championship game, Bleacher Report wrote a feature on a faded sheet of paper in star point guard Joel Berry II’s wallet. He had recorded his goals for his collegiate career down after an average performance on the court in his freshman year in order to refocus himself for the next few seasons. Over the course of the next two years, Berry would go on to check off every item on that list, including an ACC and National Championship, all before his senior year.

Everyone can take something away from the example set by Berry. Goal-setting is an important aspect of growth and can help everyone stay focused on whatever they plan to achieve. But beyond just recording life goals on a piece of paper, high school students should consider keeping a journal to expand upon this simple list of goals. Whether you have enough time to write down your thoughts everyday, every week, or just once a month, journaling will be always be worth the effort. Students can take the time to doodle and release stress, tell an embarrassing story, rant, or write down a schedule for the day. By taking some time for self-reflection, students will be able to focus on their goals.

Some students may be deterred from journaling for fear that it will be perceived by their peers as a diary, typical of a kid in elementary school. If anyone teases you about having a journal, then they obviously don’t understand the concept of self-reflection and should be ignored. In reality, journaling is a sophisticated form of expression and was common among some of the brightest minds including Ben Franklin, Winston Churchill, John D. Rockefeller, and John Adams.

One’s time in high school will fly by and it is important to record memories so that experiences are documented. There is nothing more fun than looking back at a journal and laughing about an embarrassing moment, a memorable vacation, or an adventure with friends. By recording parts of their lives now, high school students will be able to remember more later in life when they may need a journal to jog their memory.

For students who are interested in starting a journal, the internet is a great place to start searching for prompts to write about or inspiring quotes to analyze. One website, The Journal CEO, offers a variety of resources for people who keep a journal and can be a great source of motivation. There is no time like the present to begin journaling today.

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