East women’s soccer

This year, the East women’s soccer teams have come together to give outstanding performances in their games thus far. Both Junior varsity and varsity are ahead on their wins and each team hopes to keep their numbers up and continue to work together smoothly.

The varsity team consists of three freshmen, 11 sophomores, one junior, and five seniors. On the other hand, the junior varsity team has 10 freshmen, six sophomores, and two juniors. Each team welcomed many new players to the team this season with open arms.

“It’s a completely new team. I think last year we were more on the offensive side and this year we have a really good defense,” stated Junior Varsity team captain Carolyn Hsu.

Annabel Hinkle, varsity player, stated that she believes the new varsity players are doing well and they are working well together “since there are a lot of sophomores on the team we work better together, since we know each other.”

When it comes to team bonding the teams do quite a lot of it. Varsity player Abby Davis said, “I really like the bonding we’ve done this year. We have pasta dinners before games and we did a scavenger hunt activity together.”

As for the rest of the season, the players would like to see some improvement.

“I think my biggest weakness would be getting scared about going in physically for tackles and heading the ball,” stated Davis. She also suggested that the team had trouble being aggressive and going in for the ball at times.

“Our defense isn’t that great and like the we’ve been losing games we should have won because of it,” Hinkle stated.

“Get to know how each other wants the ball so we work together better,” explained Hsu.

Overall the varsity and junior varsity teams are looking good and are working to improve their performances for the rest of the season.

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