Redditors save NFL Sunday

by Daniel Barberio

Being a fan of an NFL team that is outside the bounds of your local cable company, is an expensive habit. DirecTV has monopolized the entire NFL/TV operation and has left fans with an ultimatum. One can either cough up the $300 and pay for NFL Sunday Ticket, or be limited to the three or four games provided by local cable networks. No option to buy coverage for a single team, or even a handful of them. To watch one team you must pay for them all. An easy decision for most. Even hardcore football fans don’t need coverage for every NFL game; it’s unreasonable.

This has been a long-lived dilemma for NFL fans all across the nation; an absence of affordable football. Fortunately, the internet remains undefeated. With a solid wifi connection and a phone or computer, there is a way around DirecTV draining your wallet.

Through Reddit. For those who are not familiar with the site, Reddit is the largest social media news website and forum on the internet. Users create pages called subreddits where people can post content and interact. The content is curated by users so that things with the most upvotes stay on the top of the page.


A community of redditors, struggling with the same dilemma have worked tirelessly to save NFL Sunday for over 150,000 people weekly. Their subreddit “nflstreams” posts links to every live NFL game. No subscriptions, no fees, no long-term cable contracts, just football. All one needs to do is click the link, close some advertisements and enjoy the game.

Though streaming un-licensed content lies in a legal gray area, Much like downloading music, any laws or regulations are difficult to enforce. As of now, Reddit is the Robinhood of the NFL.

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