The right font for the right occasion

By Sean Allen and Charlie Mascia

Writing is a fundamental form of communication, and the font that one’s words materialize in can either enhance or diminish one’s rhetoric. In the day of word processors galore and the potential of disappearing down the wormhole of reddit font subpages, the choices seem limitless. Here, the ECHO outlines the best fonts for the best occasions, accessible on most word processors.

Academic fonts must be professional, clear, and elegant, as one’s work needs to appear to one’s teacher in the most intellectually and aesthetically pleasing way possible. Many would defend the merit of the widely accepted and MLA sponsored “Times New Roman.” However, the ECHO believes that the unparalleled choice of font is the timeless “Garamond.” First popularized by the original Macintosh, “Garamond” has entered the mainstream with world wide acclaim. The swirling dashes and edges forge an alliance to conceive an efficient and alluring breed of font, a nostalgic homage to the past while bringing professionalism to the future.   

Writing in correspondence, be it emails, printed letters, or posts on a message board, must be clear. Concision is essential when writing for communication, especially as a student. The use of the sans-serif deformity, “Arial,” in emails is a true crime. While “Arial” is the default in many email systems, some use a pseudo-Arial font, simply known as “Sans-Serif.” The ECHO strongly dissuades communicators from using such fonts, a healthy alternative being “Consolas.” This font is stylized just enough to prove compelling, but it remains simple enough so as to be clear. “Consolas” is a font of exaggerated negative space and sentimental type-set lines. ensuring artistic, à la mode communication.

Finally, in personal or creative writing the ECHO endorses the dark horse, “Lato.” Relatively unknown in the mainstream font world until mid-2017, “Lato” provides an graceful and modern approach, reminiscent of a Wright interior. Previously, many would advise a burgeoning writer to use the acclaimed “Proxima Nova.” However, when using “Proxima,” one quickly finds lags and extra spaces are created if a word includes two ‘f’s in a sequence (i.e. off.) “Lato” is a font of sublime design; curvy, sleek, and no superfluous tassels. The particulars and small details make “Lato” a contemporary classic. Tight precision and glassy connections allow the creative’s thoughts to take center stage. One can enjoy no distractions with “Lato,” and maintain style.

The ECHO encourages readers to write to the paper. Tell us your favorite fonts and opinions of our selections. We embolden readers to discuss all articles, and the sacrosanct favorite font is no exception.

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