5 for $5: Holiday Gift Ideas

5_Gift Ideas Aidan Courtesy of the Daily MailCount:

During this time of year a common problem is not knowing what gift to get someone for the holidays. Ideas for what to get someone can be hard to come by so here are the ECHO’s five easy gifts to give.

A common gift during the holidays is food or cooking ware. Around Chapel Hill and Carrboro there are many places where one can get normal and uninteresting food for gifts, but one of the best locations in town to find a unique gift is Southern Season. Inside the store they have a wide range of items from handmade sweets to a plethora of cookware and other items that would make a great gift.

If food may not be what one is looking for this time of year another great idea for a gift if one has a little extra to spend is something personalized. Whether it’s an item with someone’s name on it, or just a framed photo, a gift with a personal touch can be a great gift this time of year.  

If one is looking to get someone something practical as a gift something to get may be a portable power bank. Power banks come in many different sizes, and some of them even have solar panels on them so one doesn’t need to plug them in all the time. We are all familiar with the person who alway asks to borrow a charger or whose phone constantly dies on them. For that person or someone who just wants to keep their phone charged a power bank may be a good idea for a gift.

Sticking with gifts centered around technology a screen protector or new case may be a welcome gift for someone who just can’t seem to hold on to their phone. Everyone has dropped their phone at one point and replacing a cracked screen can be expensive, so something to protect their phone can be incredibly helpful.

If none of these gift ideas work for you it is always possible to give a gift card. If you decide to get someone a gift card try to find out if there are any specific places they enjoy shopping that they may not regularly go or if they have a hobby that they are interested in. These can all be great gift ideas, and hopefully will help you while shopping for others this holiday season.

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