Amongst the plethora of beauty and fashion bloggers today, Megan Ellaby, a fashion communication and promotion graduate from The University of Huddersfield, is taking over the scene.

Ellaby, a 25-year-old from Manchester, England, began her career as a sales and buying assistant for House of Holland in 2012. Ever since, she has worked her way through various mainstream fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen, Asos, and JD Sports Fashion plc. Currently, she serves as a personal stylist for In addition, Ellaby is a full-time blogger.

During her time at the University of Huddersfield, Ellaby began an internship where she recorded her experience. Since then, her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog has taken off and won awards such as Cosmopolitan’s “Best Fashion Influencer” and the InStyle Project 13 “Best Fashion Blogger” award.

Ellaby has expanded her influence across various social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin’, and YouTube. She updates her social media multiple times per week, sharing videos and pictures about her monthly fashion favorites, clothing hauls, and life in Manchester.

In an interview with, Ellaby described her style as a combination of rock n’ roll and 1960’s, with a touch of menswear. She said that her top five fashion must-haves include a leather jacket, an a-line skirt, black ankle boots, black converse, and Ray-Ban round metal sunglasses.

One of Ellaby’s key reasons for becoming a blogger was to show off her unique style. Through her posts, she encourages everyone to do the same.  

“‘Don’t listen to style advice’,” said Ellaby in an interview with t! Magazine. “Wear what makes you feel amazing!”

For those interested in learning more about Ellaby’s style, travel, and influence in the fashion world, visit

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