Sword carry allowed in TX

Many states in the United States allow for guns to be openly carried. Texas is one of those states, but a permit is needed. In June, 2017, a law was passed that allows for blades to be openly carried in Texas.

The law, House Bill 1935 (HB 1935), allows for blades, such as swords, daggers, and machetes, that are longer than 5.5 inches to be openly carried on the streets of Texas. However, there are places where the blades are not allowed.

If someone were to bring a sword, for example, into a bar, school, place of worship, racetrack, sporting event, amusement park, hospital, polling place, prison, or secure location in an airport, that person could receive a heavy fine, the maximum being ten thousand dollars, and a maximum jail sentence of 10 years.

On top of that, anyone under the age of eighteen cannot openly carry a blade without the supervision of a parent or guardian.

However, there was a pause to the law being passed. When a student was killed at the University of Texas and three others were wounded with a knife, the debate was put on hold. Nevertheless, the law was passed, and almost two months later, people could legally carry swords and other blades out in the open, because some still believed that HB 1935 is a good thing to have.

“It’s not making criminals out of people who have no intention of creating some type of criminal act,” said Representative John Frullo.

Texas, however, is not the first state to legalize open sword carry. Both Montana and Oklahoma have lifted bans that allow for swords, and other kinds of blades, to be carried throughout the state.

With the new law in place, it is very fascinating to see all of the different swords that are being shown off throughout the streets. Despite the fascination, it is somewhat shocking to the locals to see people carrying large weapons out and about on the streets.

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