Trump must be held accountable for his sexual assault allegations

Some of the women who have accused Trump from

On the forefront of everyone’s mind is the tidal wave of allegations and accusations, against men in nearly every industry, of sexual misconduct.  Beloved celebrities have seen their reputations and careers crumble nearly overnight as disheartening tales of assault and harassment are uncovered, starting with movie producer Harvey Weinstein and most recently, Gary Goddard.  The societal climate surrounding sexual assault seems to have opened up, allowing not only a safer environment for survivors but more widespread acknowledgement of a systematic problem, and hopefully justice served to the assaulters.  With all this progress being made, it’s now time to turn our attention back to Trump.

Everyone remembers that Access Hollywood tape, where Trump vulgarly admitted to groping women, and the aftermath, when over a dozen women came forward with stories of his harassment, and a couple of full blown assault. The country was shocked and horrified that such an egregious person could ever be considered for the Commander in Chief, and many thought it would bring about the demise of his political success and his campaign. Yet, less than a month after this story died down, that same man was elected president of the United States.  

Since then, the story was buried and forgotten as more scandals arose during Trump’s presidency.  But in light of the current stream of allegations, the White House has been forced to address these claims.  However, unlike many harassers, who have apologized or owned up to their actions, the official White House position is still that every single one of these women are liars.  When asked what separates Trump’s accusations from other accusations, Sarah Sanders, his press secretary, explained that Trump was different and could not be guilty, simply because he hasn’t “admitted wrongdoing”.

Not only is this feeble explanation disturbing in its own right, it also showcases the hypocrisy of Trump’s continued denial.  As powerful democrats have been exposed, such as John Conyers and Al Franken, Trump as taken every opportunity to attack them.  All the while, he continues to not only repudiate his own accusers but defend senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual advances on a child.  He will only attack his political opponents, while completely belittling his own victims.        

Our disgust with each new uncovery is absolutely deserved.  But we cannot sit idly by and forget that the person who currently sits in the Oval Office, the face of American politics, is accused of the exact same offenses.  He must be held just as accountable, and be investigated just as thoroughly.        

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