The experience of the galaxy: Star Wars Battlefront II


Running, under the whine of menacing tie fighters and through the skeletons of the Imperial fleet, shattered and scattered across the perilously barren Jakku landscape, until an AT-AT looms in the dusty distance and fires into the foreground, ending the mad sprint towards a group of gleaming white helmets. Star Wars: Battlefront II is the immersive galactic experience, near perfect.


The November 17, 2017 release date of the long awaited video game, Battlefront II, was fraught with both excitement and anxiety. The 2015 release, Star Wars Battlefront, was met with initial praise and ultimate disappointment among fans and critics. Hopes for a perfect game, a portal into the saga which has held the minds of so many, were high.


It is safe to say, after two months of play time, that there are few flaws. Battlefront II features stunning vistas of classic battlegrounds, realistic and accurate weapons, and a mood of urgency and camaraderie. Little can touch the experience of joining a game, hearing the music, the sounds of nearby blaster fire, perhaps the howl of a distressed wookie, and immersing oneself in the Star Wars experience.


The sequel game improves on the original of the new line of games. Smoother detailings of classic locales, better heroes, greater variety in weapons, more maps, and an even more accurate sound and color display of the Star Wars galaxy excite fans and provide valuable thrill for gamers alike.


Despite the game’s apparent perfection, upon digging deeper one will find that the game fails to deliver on a few fronts. While the Galactic Assault maps in Battlefront II boast more locations and greater detail than Battlefront I, the game disregards a number of locations that would make for great maps, such as Scariff, Jedha, Mustafar, and Geonosis. The offline features of the game also lack many classic locations that the first game included, such as Endor and Tatooine. The game would be improved by including more obscure maps and by making a more cohesive and thrilling offline story-mode experience to delight when away from the online lobbies.


Star Wars Battlefront II is a stunning game which has come at a perfect time for fans of the saga. Between the success of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the hype of Solo:  A Star Wars Story, the Battlefront series has provided an ideal time killer to absorb the brutal wait between films. Despite some minor faults, the game delivers in repairing the issues of its predecessor and yields a wholesome and immersive Star Wars experience.


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