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Former Beatle Ringo Starr is Knighted

Ringo Starr, drummer of the distinguished band, The Beatles, was knighted for his musical success and charitable contributions. It all began for Starr when he joined three other young men from Liverpool in the 1960’s, and began a career in music. They continued to release music until the 1970’s, growing their fan base, and reaching popularity unimaginable by many. This remarkable group is survived by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

After the Beatles broke up, Starr moved on to work on his solo career. He released new albums, experimenting with different styles of music that he had never attempted with the Beatles. He then moved on to work on movies, appearing in and producing films. He also collaborated with his old bandmates, teaming up with Paul Mccartney and playing at George Harrison’s memorial concert, “Concert for George.”

Starr not only had immense musical success, but he also worked to help charities throughout his career. He created the Lotus Foundation with his wife, which worked to help those struggling with illnesses, the homeless, and victims of abuse. He also contributed to George Harrison’s “Concert for Bangladesh” in 1971, which worked to bring awareness and raise money for refugees from Bangladesh. Starr’s charitable successes and his work in music helped to make him a distinguished member in society, and rewarded him with the prestigious knighthood.

His bandmate and friend, Paul McCartney, who was knighted 20 years before, congratulated his former bandmate on Twitter, along with Yoko Ono, widow of former Beatle John Lennon. Ringo Starr was a renowned member in the society, whose coined phrase “Peace and Love” will forever be a inspiration to music lovers.

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