Why feminists should want women in the draft

For centuries, women have had to fight for the right to participate in many things that men inherently got to do, such as vote, drive, and marry women. There are still several areas, however, where women and men do not share such equalities. In pay, beauty standards, and the national draft, women and men have yet to be treated equally.

On most issues with gender inequality, many feminists are quick to defend women and stand up for the solution that brings gender equality. But when it comes to the draft, some feminists are much quieter than on other issues. There have been several attempts to include women in the draft but none of them have made it all the way through Congress. One would think that the majority of feminists would be quick to jump on an issue that is so blatantly discriminatory, yet this issue has yet to be seen on even a national spotlight. The most likely reason for such silence is that bringing this equality would actually put women in what most consider to be a worse position. But if people are going to call themselves feminists, that means equality for men and women in all situations, not just when it is advantageous for women.

Individually, women and girls may be uncomfortable fighting for themselves to potentially be drafted. But on a larger scale, we need women in the draft. By excluding women, one is perpetuating false stereotypes about women’s physical abilities and emotional maturity. No matter how any individual may feel about having to register for the draft, any true feminist should know where they stand.

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