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New Quarterbacks of 2018

Of all of the new quarterbacks, starting or not, there have been a select few who have left fans watching the highlight reel over and over. Some big names in rookie starters include quarterbacks Baker Mayfield, number one draft pick for the Cleveland Browns; Sam Darnold, number three draft pick for the New York Jets; and Josh Rosen, number 10 draft pick for the Arizona Cardinals.

Mayfield has proved a much-needed improvement to the Browns. In recent games against the Chargers, Ravens and Raiders, the Browns have only won once over the Ravens (but that’s expected of the Browns). In a Sept. 20 game against the Jets, Mayfield stepped in for teammate Tyrod Taylor and helped with a second-half comeback leading to a Browns victory.
Darnold is also seen as a key asset in the Jets’ strategy this season. Though Darnold has been seen as having some understandable rookie moments, he’s supposedly flipping the roles between the Jets and the Giants rivalry by proving a strong player overall.

Rosen has a bit of a different story this season than our other two big QB’s. In an Oct. 18, 45-10 loss against the Broncos, Rosen sprained his toe during the home- stretch of the big blowout. Despite this, he’s expected to persevere through Week 8.
This new addition of starters in the NFL has been described by USA Today Sports as a “long-sought-after next wave of generational quarterbacks.” These rookies are now being seen as the next Mannings and Newtons, and this season certainly looks like it will put these newcomers to the test.

By Sophia Clapacs, Staff Writer

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