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Halloween is disappointing

As I’m writing this piece in the throes of October, I’m surrounded by the enthusiasm for fall, and particularly the very end of this month: Halloween. The moment October starts, the world goes full SpookyTM mode, turning orange and black at every turn with pumpkins on every corner and a horror movie trailer in front of every YouTube video.

Do not get me wrong, I absolutely adore fall. Sweaters, boots, hot drinks and crunchy leaves are some of God’s greatest gifts to the world. I even like the idea of dressing up and eating a bunch of candy, in theory, at least.

The problem is that Halloween night it- self absolutely NEVER lives up to expectation. Your costume doesn’t look how you imagined. It’s cold, because you’re outside at night in late October. All that delicious candy starts to get nauseating after you shove the 10th fun size Milky Way in your facehole.

If you make the unforgivable decision of going to Chapel Hill’s answer to perdition, Franklin Street, even more disappointments emerge. There’s nowhere to sit, and after a few minutes of wandering around aimlessly, looking for people you know and something to do, your feet hurt. Somebody is dressed as the same thing as you, and chances are their rendition is so impressive that crippling self- consciousness hits. Inevitably you come across a costume so racist you’re surprised nobody has punched them yet, and inevitably trying to get through a crowd turns into a gropefest.

Not to mention, Halloween is five out of seven times on a school night. We don’t get the next day off, and you have to either plan your night around getting enough sleep and enough time to do your work, or roll into school a complete mess. And don’t tell me that teachers are always nice and don’t assign important work on Halloween – I’ve had an essay assigned that was due the very next day.

I can’t complain about people who get excited about Halloween, since I’m a complete slut for Christmas. Starting 12:00 A.M. on Nov 1, I blast “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and run around like a madwoman screaming about candy canes. But that doesn’t change the fact that Halloween is severely disappointing and overrated, will never be as fun as it should be in theory.

By Julia Cummer, Sports Editor

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