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Led Zeppelin faces a lawsuit

Famous rock band Led Zeppelin has recently been called into court over their iconic song “Stairway to Heaven.” The band has been accused of copying the intro from the song from little-known 1960s band Spirit.

Spirit claimed that the string intro of “Stairway to Heaven” was lifted from their instrumental piece “Taurus”. While the two songs do indeed sound similar, the strings played are used in many songs– to the point where they’re often not considered stolen when used.

However, a San Francisco appeals court has overturned a 2016 ruling that vindicated Led Zeppelin of plagiarism, mandating that the bands return to court to settle the issue.

Members of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, released a statement after the vindicating court ruling.

“We are grateful for the jury’s conscientious service and pleased that it has ruled in our favor, putting to rest questions about the origins of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and confirming what we have known for 45 years,” said Page and Plant in a joint statement.

There is contention as to the validity of the lawsuit because it was not filed by any member of Spirit. Rather, it was filed by the manager of the estate for the former frontman of Spirit: Randy California. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of California, though the reasons for the filing are unclear.

At the time of writing, no date has been set for the trial.

By Alexandria Hyers, Spread Editor

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