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Rappers spar in the public eye

The quick-talking, blunt persona of the hip-hop artist Cardi-B is well-known and respected by millions. The star is known for her refusal to be silenced and is epitomized by her thick New Y–ork accent. Although her attitude is applauded by many, controversy swirls around the artist, as her social media persona serves as an example of violent and aggressive behavior, drawing negative attention from fans.

Feuds in hip hop are nothing new, but with the influence of social media at an all time high, drama spreads faster than ever and reaches millions all over the world. Most recently, at a New York Fashion Week Party, Cardi B and fellow artist Nicki Minaj carried a social media fight into reality. Following the birth of her first child and a break from social media, Cardi B was re-entering the world of Hollywood, finding many, allegedly including Minaj, questioning her role as a new mother. The star, upset by comments made by Minaj on social media, didn’t hesitate to make her stance clear, as bystanders observed Cardi B screaming and allegedly throwing a shoe at Minaj during the party.

As segments of the fight were recorded and posted, the response following the drama was varied and wide-spread across social media. While many onlookers were quick to laugh or ignore the latest drama, others picked sides between the two artists, some even taking to social media to share their opinions.

“I personally thought it was funny, and my perception about both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B doesn’t change. I still like both of the artists’ music, but I also just don’t idolize celebrities in the same way some people do,” said Jenny O’Brienhalla.

While some fans moved past the recent drama quickly, it is also clear that hate comments about the situation are still prevalent. In many comments, fans picked sides, and while neither artist has directly made a statement following the situation, there are rumors that Minaj has “liked” a few comments made by her fans attacking Cardi B.

While some may be concerned about the need for celebrities to serve as role models, there are still many who aren’t quick to agree with the idea that they should be held accountable for their effects on the general public.
“Personally, I don’t think artists should be held responsible for their effect on their fans,” said O’Brienhalla. “I think that it is their job to create music, and while it’s good if they are good people, parents should act as their own role models to their kids. It isn’t the job of a celebrity to be a good role model, I think that’s developed elsewhere.”

By: Kate Beisner, Features Editor

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