Vettel will dominate F1

With a new car design and a fierce desire to reshuffle the Mercedes Dynasty, Sebastian Vettel has emerged in 2018 as a dominant force in Formula 1 again. In late 2017, the December issue, The ECHO published a prediction that Lewis Hamilton would stutter in the 2018 season and that Ferrari’s shining red cars would Continue Reading

Obscure Sporting: Florentine Football

At the visceral sound of a small cannon, the sound ricocheting off of Florence’s ancient structures, 27 players rush forward into the lurid brawl which is the sport of Florentine Football. Imagine a strange combination of handball, rugby, and hand-to-hand combat, in a sandy gladiator cage 80x40m, surrounded by jeering fans. This is the revived Continue Reading

Book Review: what is East and what is West?

In Mathias Enard’s novel “Compass” the elusive specter of the East is fully exposed. However, not in a way that would satisfy the obsessed orientalist. From the opening lines of the follow-up to Enard’s masterpiece “Zone,” “Compass” thrills the reader lyrically and incites debate over the true homogeneity of both Western demography and culture. “We Continue Reading

Annals of fake news: Greece 1952

Inauguration crowds, Pizzagate, illegal voting: these subjects can all be hailed as the cream of the fake news crop. In today’s time of questionable government statements (or tweets) and pseudo-journalism, the divide between the real and the imagined is shrinking. The boundaries of reality, or the contradicting folds of the abstract which threaten it, are Continue Reading