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    Legacy of Morehead Planetarium extends beyond Chapel Hill

    The Morehead Planetarium is one of the most iconic landmarks on the UNC campus, and has likely been visited by most Chapel Hill residents. However, many of its visitors neglect to read deep enough into the planetarium’s history to discover that its legacy extends far beyond the city limits. When it opened in 1949, Morehead Planetarium was only the sixth planetarium in the US, and the first on a university campus. Designed by the architects of the Jefferson Memorial, the planetarium was the most expensive building in NC history at the time of its completion. A decade later, the planetarium began to serve as a training center for astronauts. Its…

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    Tiny homes revolutionize affordable living

    Anyone who has ever been to Ikea and seen their life-size models of minimalist houses knows that one doesn’t need nearly as much living space as they may think. Now, similar houses to these are becoming available to own. Arielle Schechter, an architect based in Chapel Hill, is the founder of Micropolis Houses. Her goal is to offer affordable, efficient living that emphasizes beauty. Her inspiration comes from a desire to create more aesthetically-pleasing alternatives to trailers. “Some of my friends lived in trailers, and I thought they were really sad and depressing,” Schecter recalled of her childhood to The Daily Tar Heel. “There wasn’t adequate small housing back then.”…

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    NC film industry suffers after loss of tax incentive

    Wilmington was once considered “the Hollywood of the South.” However, in recent years, the presence of the film industry in NC has been fading, with some companies reporting revenue losses of 20 to 40 percent (WNCN). Much of this decline was due to the General Assembly killing the state’s 25 percent tax incentive in 2014. “When incentives stopped, it was like turning off the faucet,” explained Jed McDonough, owner of a print shop in Wilmington which, prior to 2015, had been making a large portion of its revenue off of local movie posters. “It literally ended.” The exodus of the industry was worsened however, by House Bill 2, which caused…

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    Oscars’ “Best Picture” choices are too homogenous

    With no more film awards shows to look forward to this year, we can take a moment to look back on the season—not at what was, but at what should have been. “Snubs,” as they are popularly called, are always a hot topic of Oscars review. In such a non-objective industry, these complaints are bound to include a wide variety of stars, films and crew members. But they never do. Though the awards season takes place mainly in January and February, film critics begin releasing Academy Award predictions long before the new year, staking their reputations on films months before they are even released. Such early predictions are indeed possible…

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    Crosswords answer key

    Across: DEBBIEREYNOLDS (Debbie Reynolds) ARNOLDPALMER (Arnold Palmer) GENEWILDER (Gene Wilder) ALANRICKMAN (Alan Rickman) ANTONYELCHIN (Anton Yelchin) CARRIEFISHER (Carrie Fisher) Down: KENNYBAKER (Kenny Baker) GEORGEMICHAEL (George Michael) ANTONINSCALIA (Antonin Scalia) ELIEWIESEL (Elie Wiesel) FIDELCASTRO (Fidel Castro) DAVIDBOWIE (David Bowie) HARPERLEE (Harper Lee) LEONARDCOHEN (Leonard Cohen) MUHAMMADALI (Muhammad Ali) PRINCE (Prince) JOEALASKEY (Joe Alaskey) PHIFEDAWG (Phife Dawg) ALANTHICKE (Alan Thicke) JOHNGLENN (John Glenn)